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Drug crimes embody a huge part of the criminal industry throughout Northern Virginia and the country for that matter. Drug possession laws are notoriously harsh. You don’t have to have drugs in your hands or even your pockets to be criminally charged with possession. If drugs are in a place that you have main access to, you can be charged with possession. Drugs found in your glove box, on the table next to you, or even in a shoe box under your bed could be attributed to you and result in a drug charge.

Drug crimes fall in three different categories which include use-related, economic related, and system related crimes. Use-related drug crimes occur when the crime is committed due to the effects of that person using drugs. This can result in cases such as robbery, violent assault, or battery against another due to taking the drugs. Economic-related crimes involve situations where an individual commits a criminal activity to fund their drug habits. Say, if a criminal were to rob someone for quick cash to get their “fix,” this could be considered an economic-related drug crime. Lastly, system-related drug crimes are the direct result of the drug system as a whole, including drug transportation and drug wars. For more information on these topics, don’t hesitate to contact our professional drug crime lawyers.

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