Truck and Car Accident-Causing Accident

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Have you been in an accident that involves a Truck and Car that caused your personal injuries? Did you make claims for your injuries?

This article will show you how to protect your rights after you had a truck and car accident.

When any truck and car collide with another vehicle causing personal injury, the collision results in a truck or car accident. All vehicle accidents are not equal in property damages or personal injuries.  The type of impact may cause different types of personal injuries which may lead to death or future losses.

In truck and car accidents, costs, and efforts associated with investigation and pursuing the remedies associated with these accidents are more time-consuming and complex to prove. Truck and car accidents are not always simple and straightforward because of determining who caused the accident. In general, the reasons for these accidents are mostly due to human error, such as truck drivers failing to apply their breaks on time, changing lanes without signaling, and equipment failure.  In case of a truck accident, the trucking company may also be liable.


There are some essential measures to be taken soon after an accident:

  • Save yourself first. If you have major injuries immediately call an ambulance for medical treatment.
  • Call the police so that they can report the case.
  • Try to get help from others as they can support you as a witness in the future.
  • Gather all the information related to the accident such as the driver’s name and license number, vehicle description and number plate, accident exact location, and take photos of the accident site. All information will help you in filing a personal injury claim.
  • Call your insurance agent and tell him/her about the incident.
  • File the claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer at Hickman Law Office. 703-748-3001.


A truck and car accident attorney is a person who helps you to get the best outcome for your damages and injuries. Hickman Law Office will provide legal representations to the victim of the truck or car accident or to the legal heirs of the person who died in a truck or car accident. We care at Hickman Law Office.  We will sort out the complexities and difficulties of the investigation, to include:

  • Car accident lawyer will Interview the witness and present them to the insurance company to present the best claim,
  • If necessary, we will fight for you in court,
  • Request the medical history of the truck driver to see if he used drugs or consumed alcohol before the accident,
  • Will estimate your correct damages including medical injuries, property damages, and time wastage due to the truck accident,
  • Truck accident attorney will also navigate the rules and federal safety regulations and rules.

One of the biggest mistake people make is moving forward without a car/auto accident lawyer. A truck and car accident lawyer will make sure to get the compensation which you are entitled to.  Give us a call at Hickman Law Office for a free consultation.  703-748-3001.  Licensed in DC, MD, and VA.

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