Picking the Right Lawyer

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Whether it’s as life altering as a major car crash or as minor as a wrongful traffic ticket, you are going to need a lawyer. But, how does one pick the right lawyer? How do you know if they are qualified? If they are good enough to handle your case with care? Here are simple questions to ask yourself if you are ever in need of a lawyer.

  1. Do they have enough (or any at all) experience in practicing law?

This question is important because you want a lawyer who understands the legal system and has many years of practice in it. It’s the same as a doctor. You don’t want a doctor who has just graduated medical school. What if they mess up? What if something goes wrong? You want a lawyer who is very experienced and can handle any situation. You want a lawyer, like Ms. Hickman, who has over 20 years experience and is barred in TWO different states (Maryland and Virginia) and Washington DC.

  1. Are they good at being a lawyer?

While an experienced lawyer is very important, you also want a lawyer who has experience WINNING cases for their clients. No one wants to be on a losing team, especially if they are gambling with their life! Ms. Hickman has an impressive record over the past 30 years.  Her firm has a high win ratio in cases regarding criminal and personal injury matters.

  1. Are they experienced handling my type of situation?

While experience and a winning record are keys to success, they mean nothing if those wins are all in traffic court when you need a divorce lawyer. Its like asking an all-star baseball player to be the best tennis player in the world. It will not work. What you need is someone who is skilled in the type of law you need. And we at Hickman law are exactly that. Ms. Hickman started her career at the United States State Department and since has been successful in many aspects of the law, including traffic accidents, medical malpractice, divorce, child custody battles, DWI, DUI, immigration, and drug charges. For a complete list of types of cases we handle (and win), refer to our website: https://hickmanlawoffice.com/.


If you want a lawyer that will win for you and has experience in the field you need, do not hesitate to contact us either through email (info@hickmanlawoffice.com), phone (703-748-3001) or just stop by and see us at 1000 Queen St, Alexandria, VA 22314! We love meeting new people and hope we can help you with anything you need.

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