Ben, Jerry’s, and… Drugs?

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While May was motorcycle awareness moth (article can be found here:, July is National Ice Cream month! Here are Hickman law’s top three favorite spots to score some homemade deliciousness:

  1. The Creamery (110 King Street, Alexandria, VA)

Our local Ice Cream parlor, The Creamery is known for its good ole classic: Scoop and a cone. After you get your scoop, stop in and say hi! We are only a 10 minute walk away!

  1. Henry’s Sweet ReTreat (4823 St. Elmos Dr, Bethesda MD)

Known for its candy store, dessert menu and most importantly, their CHOCOLATE BAR! They have everything one needs to get their sweet tooth satisfied.

  1. Toby’s Homemade (5849 Washington Blvd, Arlington VA)

Known for their changing menu and their off the wall flavors, like smores, mango, green tea and more, Toby’s is always a hit!

:::The Legal Kicker:::

While Ice Cream is amazing, you should be cautious of where you are buying yours from! In Hyattsville, MD in early 1999, a man was arrested for selling marijuana out of his Ice Cream Truck. He was later caught and arrested after one customer reported that their ice cream smelled funny. Officers were able to see him in the act and catch him sticky handed!

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