8 Ways to Avoid the Cops This Spring

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Spring is here! The weather is nice and the cops are out!
Speeding down the curvy backroads with the top down seems to be on everyone’s “to-do” list once spring arrives. Remember: you’re not the only one who is counting the days to enjoying beautiful weather on the road.

1. Don’t be the fastest car on the road.

The easiest way to call attention to the cops is by driving obviously above the speed limit. Even if they aren’t using a radar gun, this gives them a reason to pull you over and inspect for anything else that they could ticket you for.  A good way to avoid worrying about authorities while on the road is to set your cruise control to the speed limit.

2. Wear your seat belt.

Another easy way for a cop to meet their ticket quota. Seat belts are made to protect us anyway so why not just wear it? It’s not you who you have to worry about, it’s all those text-and-drive-aholics.

3. Legalize your tints.

Dark tints are easy to spot in daylight, and even easier at nighttime… after a drink or two at happy hour. A tint slightly over the legal limit could give the police a right to pull you over even if you have done nothing wrong with handling the automobile. If the cop smells the lingering aroma of that sweet, minty mojito, that quick, after work happy hour could drag into a night of investigative torture of walking the line, reciting your ABC’s (backwards) and then perhaps a breathalyzer test at the end. Be active, not reactive!

4. Make sure your car is legal!

Expired tags and inspections are easy to spot on the road. Avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the DMV by ensuring that these items are taken care of and renewed BEFORE they expire.

5. Do not drink and drive. (Shocker!)

A DWI increases your insurance premium significantly and could lead to being dropped completely. Your license may be suspended and fines and lawyer fees could add up to anywhere between $5,000-$10,000. I rest my case on this point.

6. Know your rights.

If all else fails and you end up getting pulled over, at the very least you should be familiar with your rights. Being knowledgeable has saved many of our clients from being charged with various crimes. A basic rule of thumb- say no to everything!  Do not help the cop make their case against you.

7. Have good driving etiquette.

Besides the fact that having good etiquette is the nice thing to do, it also plays a double role in potentially saving you from being pulled over. This includes: excessive honking, cutting off other cars, letting pedestrians have the right of way, abiding street signs and more. The trending theme here is: do not draw attention to yourself!

8. Driving poorly when it matters.

Did you know that rush hour draws the most police to respond to the influx of drivers? Be sure to avoid the urge to sneak into flashing light zones in those shortcut areas, or getting in the exit lane when the divider is still a solid line, or using the exit lane to cut in front of a line of traffic. If you think you were the smart one to figure those short-cuts, think again because the police are human too!

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