What to Do (and not do) When Pulled Over by a Cop

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Earlier, we wrote a post about avoiding cops on the roads (https://hickmanlawoffice.com/8-ways-avoid-cops-spring/). If that article did not work for you, then this is the one for you!

While being pulled over can be a very scary experience, here are some tips and tricks to make it easier on yourself and on the officer pulling you over.

  1. After an officer indicates they wish to pull you over, safely and quickly change lanes and enter the shoulder of the road. If there is no shoulder, safely stop in the right lane.
  2. Put your vehicle in park and turn on your hazards/emergency lights. This is important to indicate to other cars that you are pulled over.
  3. Roll down your window, and take out your license and registration.
  4. Listen to the officer and what they have to say as the reason they pulled you over. Do not interrupt the officer or talk back, even if you know you are right. If you respect and listen to the officer, the person who keeps the area safe, you have a better chance of getting out of a ticket or worse.
  5. Respect the officer at all times. This includes speaking nicely, but also saying sir/ma’am and respecting them. You should treat cops like your grandmother is watching!
  6. Do everything they ask you to do, but do it in front of the cop car! If they ask you to walk a line, or step out of a vehicle, do it in front of the car that has and is required to have cameras! If anything happens, Ms. Hickman can use this footage to defend you.
  7. Know your rights! Cops cannot legally search your car unless they have a reason to, so do not give them a reason! Do not drive while under the influence of any substance and keep all prized possessions locked either in the glove box, trunk or a portable safe.
  8. When the traffic stop is completed, you then have to merge back into traffic. This can be very dangerous and scary! Put your blinker on and check your mirrors. Carefully pull forward and start to gain speed. When you see an opening and you have enough speed, quickly merge then adjust your speed to the correct posted limit.
  9. After the traffic stop, if you feel you were miss treated or were wrongfully cited, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Hickman either through email (info@hickmanlawoffice.com) or phone (703-748-3001) to discuss your options and the appropriate next steps.
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